7.3 Non-Reappointment

All tenure track appointments at the College, prior to the granting of tenure, are considered probationary appointments. Written notification that a probationary contract is not to be renewed will be given to a faculty member in advance of appointment expiration on the following schedule:

  • Not later than March 15 of the first academic year of service.
  • Not later than December 15 of the second academic year of service.
  • At least twelve months before the expiration of an appointment after two or more years of service. Generally, this means that a full year’s notice may be given up to September 1, previous to the terminal year.

After written notice has been given, the appointment of the faculty member terminates with the expiration of the contract. The College need not make a formal statement of explanation to a terminated faculty member on a probationary appointment.

Approved May 18, 2015