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5.1 College Rank and Tenure Committee

The Rank and Tenure Committee consists of eight faculty members: five elected by the faculty (three voting members and two alternates), two voting members appointed by the President, and, ex officio, the Provost/Dean of Faculty who presides, but does not vote.

The Committee reviews all applications for promotion and tenure, considers all supporting documentation and forwards all recommendations to the President.

Applications for promotion and tenure are standard and must be completed to insure uniformity in applications.

The Rank and Tenure Committee has the right to call in any member of the College community whom they decide will be helpful in their deliberations, especially when there are ambiguities or conflicting information.

All applicants who are denied promotion or tenure have the right to convene the Faculty Grievance Committee (see Section 7.5) if they feel they were not accorded a fair hearing.

Approved May 15, 2014