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5.5 Process for Mid-Probationary Review

Mid-Probationary review will occur mid-way between initial appointment and the next to last year of the probationary period. At the beginning of the mid-probationary review year, the Provost/Dean of Faculty will notify the faculty member and Department Chair in writing of the procedures and timetable for mid-probationary review.

The process for mid-probationary review will be the same as the process for Tenure Review (Section 5.6). The candidate will utilize the Criteria for Tenure, complete the Application Form (Appendix E) and present the same evidence required as that required in the Tenure Review process. The Department/Committee Chair will complete the same Application Form, function in the same capacity and apply the same standards to the candidate as those required during the applicant’s year of tenure review.

The Department/Committee Chair will discuss the Committee’s recommendation with the candidate. The candidate will have the opportunity to read their mid-probationary review. Faculty members who wish to respond to or dispute their mid-probationary review shall have the opportunity to do so. The response will be attached to the final evaluation report.

The Department/Committee Chair will present the committee’s recommendation to the Provost/Dean of Faculty.

The Provost/Dean of Faculty will discuss the Department’s recommendation with the candidate.

Approved May 15, 2014