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5.4 Criteria for Tenure

All faculty members at the University of Mount Saint Vincent are expected to manifest a high degree of professional competence. The following criteria will be used to evaluate the faculty and will be used to determine consideration for tenure and promotion.

  • The degree considered terminal in the discipline will be required for tenure. This is a doctorate (Ph.D.) or valid equivalent.
  • Proficiency in teaching with evidence of continued growth as a teacher as shown through:
    • Successful performance in teaching assignments;
    • Evolution of teaching strategies in response to changing student needs, and goals for future development;
    • Responsiveness to changes in the discipline and pedagogy as evidenced by course syllabi of upper and lower division courses (and appropriate course materials);
    • Continued responsiveness to changing student skills, motivations, and needs;
    • Teaching and evaluation instruments (tests, paper assignments, portfolios, etc.);
    • Use of creative teaching strategies;
    • Fairness in setting standards for and evaluating student achievement as evidenced by grade distribution records.
  • Continuous professional development in the scholarship of teaching, discovery, integration and/or application, and evidence that the applicant will continue to grow professionally, as shown through:
    • Participation in workshops and organizations devoted to pedagogy;
    • Presentation at workshops and organizations dedicated to pedagogy;
    • Involvement in pedagogical research;
    • Development of discipline-related materials such a video tapes, films, computer software, multimedia presentations, and other forms of information technology;
    • Membership in professional societies; attendance at professional association certification courses (or equivalents);
    • Attendance at discipline-related conferences;
    • Elected office in professional societies;
    • Peer-reviewed publications in journals or on-line publications, or in the public arena (art, music, literature);
    • Direction of or participation in research projects;
    • Creative work in the discipline;
    • Grant writing for individual scholarly projects.
  • Verification that the applicant has assumed department responsibilities as evidenced by:
    • Participation in department committees or subcommittees;
    • Involvement in departmental meetings and activities (e.g., Accepted Student Day);
    • Active participation in curriculum evaluation and reform;
    • Responsiveness to student and department needs;
    • Mentoring or acting as an advisor to a departmental activity (e.g., Honor Society; departmental event);
    • Grant writing for department or College initiatives;
    • Fulfillment of the responsibilities of the faculty (refer to the Full-Time Instructional Faculty Responsibilities and the Faculty Handbook).
  • Dedication to the mission, values, and goals of the University of Mount Saint Vincent as shown through:
    • Presence on campus and availability to students;
    • Participation in College wide committees;
    • Participation in service roles in the College community;
    • Active support and endorsement of the College’s mission; and,
    • Assistance in executing the College’s mission

Approved May 15, 2014