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5.3 Probationary Period

All initial full-time appointments to the faculty are probationary for the first year. Probationary period for faculty may extend up to six years. Faculty who have held full-time appointments at other institutions of higher education or as visiting faculty at the College may have time count toward the probationary period. Except under the most extraordinary circumstances, the minimum probationary period before tenure review for full-time faculty on tenure track is four years at the University of Mount Saint Vincent, even if this means the person’s total probationary period in the Academic Profession is extended beyond the normal maximum of six years. Determination of probation period for time served will be negotiated at time of appointment. A letter will be sent at the time of appointment confirming the length of the probationary period and the years anticipated for the mid-probationary and tenure reviews.

5.3.1 Midpoint Review
At the midway point of the probationary period, faculty members will be evaluated by their academic department and the Department Chair. This review will address all the criteria for tenure included in Section 5.4, and may be regarded as developmental and preparatory for any future formal review.

Faculty members and Department Chairs will be notified at the beginning of the academic year in which the midway evaluation will take place. Please note that the evaluation is to be conducted by the department and the Department Chair.

Faculty members shall have the opportunity to read their evaluation and discuss it with the Department Chair. Both the Department Chair and faculty member shall sign the evaluation as an indication that they have read it and met to discuss it. Faculty members who wish to dispute or respond to the evaluation shall have the opportunity to do so in writing. The response will be attached to the final evaluation report.

Copies of the final midpoint evaluation will be given to the candidate and the Department Chair. The original will be sent to the office of the Provost/Dean of Faculty.

Approved May 15, 2014