Payment Plans and Tuition Management

Payment Plans

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  1. Payment Due Dates
    The payment for the Fall semester is due in the first week of August; payment for the Spring semester is due in the first week of January.
  2. Payment Plans
    Payment Plans are available through Nelnet Campus Commerce. For more information about payment plans call (800) 609-8056.
    Please note: If you still have questions about a Fall 2021 payment plan, you can still contact Tuition Management Systems at (800) 722-4867. 

Full tuition covers a total of 30 credits for the Fall and Spring semesters. This tuition does not cover intersession or summer sessions. Credits in excess of 30 per year incur additional charges at the annual per credit rate.

Students will not receive transcripts or diplomas until all bills and fines are paid. Unpaid bills may be sent to a collection agency for resolution. Students may be subject to additional fees and charges if a balance must be handled by a collection agency.