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Payment Plans and Tuition Management

Payment Due Dates

The following is based on a general billing schedule. Refer to your actual tuition bill for payment due dates. Tuition bills are emailed and mailed monthly to registered students. Additionally, to view your tuition bill please log on to your Self-Service portal.

  • Fall semester tuition bill is schedule for July and due in August.
  • Spring semester tuition bill is schedule for December and due in January.
  • Summer semester tuition bill is schedule for April and due in May.

Avoid a Student Accounts Financial Hold. Students will not receive diplomas until all bills and fines are paid.  Unpaid bills may be sent to a collection agency for resolution and are subject to additional fees.

Make College Easier to Pay For with a Tuition Payment Plan!

  1. Payment Plans Availability
    • Payment Plans ranging from 2-5 months are available each semester through the Nelnet Campus Commerce. For more information about payment plans and a video tutorial, please click on the Nelnet Portal or call Nelnet at (800) 609-8056. Payment plans may not be available during specific times and dates during registration. Additionally, payment plans do not carry over from semester to semester.
  2. Payment Plan Adjustments
    • Please note your balance will not automatically adjust if your financial aid or tuition bill is updated at any time during the semester. Reviewing and confirming your student account balance at any time on your student self-service portal is important. Students can adjust a payment plan or submit a request to cancel at any time by contacting the Office of Student Accounts.
  3. Payment Methods
    • Automatic payment from a checking or savings account (ACH)
    • Automatic payment from a credit or debit card (nonrefundable convenience fee added)
    • Regularly scheduled payments will process on the 1st of the month
  4. Cost to Participate
    • $32 nonrefundable enrollment fee per agreement
    • $30 nonrefundable returned payment fee if a payment is returned

Contact us at the Office of Student Accounts (Bursar).