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Payment Responsibilities

Student Acknowledgement of Financial Obligation

I understand official communication from the College is transmitted via University of Mount Saint Vincent email account, and I am charged with knowledge of the information transmitted by the College to my University of Mount Saint Vincent email account. I agree to regularly logon to Gmail to review my University of Mount Saint Vincent email account and my Self-Service for my Student Accounts information. I further acknowledge it is my responsibility to be aware of and comply with College policies and procedures including the policy for Student Accounts, and the policy for the refund of tuition, fees, room and board charges.

Financial Obligation
I understand tuition and fee charges are due and payable by the tuition statement deadline each semester and I am solely liable for payment of all student account charges, regardless of financial aid, company reimbursement, or other aid to, which I may be entitled. If I change my educational plans, I will take the appropriate steps to adjust my schedule or withdraw from the College. I also understand that the University of Mount Saint Vincent will place a bursar hold on my account if I have not made payment on a timely basis for services received or other transactions. The bursar hold will prevent future registrations, receiving transcripts or diplomas, residing in the resident halls, or any access to other College services. I further understand in the event I withdraw from a course after the refund period my financial aid awards may be reduced or reversed based on federal regulations. I also understand non-attendance in a class will NOT relieve my financial responsibility but may affect my financial aid awards.

Financial Clearance
Should it be necessary for the University of Mount Saint Vincent to place my account with a collection agency, I agree to be liable for all reasonable collection costs, including attorney fees and other charges necessary for the collection of my debt. I acknowledge that contact will be made by written, verbal, electronic, or manual calling methods to telephone numbers and addresses associated with my account currently or in the future. I also acknowledge that telephone calls regarding my account may be recorded to assure quality and/or other reasons. The University of Mount Saint Vincent reserves the right to report to credit bureaus. I understand I am obligated to complete payment arrangements through an approved payment option to cover all tuition and fee charges each semester by the tuition statement clearance deadline published on our Tuition statement. Failure to receive financial clearance from Student Accounts will result in enrollment cancellation. I further understand that failure to make payments on any indebtedness to the College when it is due, is considered sufficient cause, until the debt is settled with verified funds, to: 1) prevent enrollment, and 2) withhold diploma, grade reports and transcript of records.

By registering and checking for classes at the University of Mount Saint Vincent, I acknowledge financial responsibility for the confirmed courses resulting from this registration: tuition and all fees assessed to my student account. I also accept responsibility for any additional costs related to my enrollment including but not limited to, room, board, additional credited courses, penalties from withdrawals, and other department or College charges.

Delinquent Accounts
I understand if I fail to pay my tuition and fee balance through an approved payment option, and the balance is not paid in full by the end of each semester, my account will be considered delinquent. I understand that balances due as a result of loss/reduction of financial aid, or other credits originally anticipated, due to ineligibility, attendance, incomplete paperwork, etc., will be my responsibility to pay. I also understand that if my account remains delinquent, my account is subject to, at the college’s discretion, placement with a third party collection agency. I further understand if my account is placed with a third party collection agency, I hereby waive my right to notice of such default, presentment and dishonor, as well as any right to any statute of limitations.

By enrolling at the University of Mount Saint Vincent I acknowledge that I am receiving and educational benefit and that the cost associated with that benefit are payable upon the published date specified.